Strategic Facility Management

“Helping our customers achieve their long and short term goals through their assets requires a strategic approach.                           

We call it SFM (Strategic Facility Management)”


Alltech Solutions offers a Strategic Facility Management solution to both industrial and commercial clients. We provide a wide range of differentiated and integrated services to support utility operations and general building maintenance.

 Our strengths favor facility programs that have complex operating environment, mission critical processes and business support functions.  Our solution will be custom tailored to meet not only your business requirement but also your budget in the most effective manner.

Our portfolio includes housekeeping services, support staff services, property management services, infrastructural maintenance, electro mechanical services etc.


Our technical services division is backed by a professional and dedicated team. Our team’s legacy spans over a decade and this experience ensures a consistency of service that has attracted so many clients to place their trust in us. Our experts can implement building and equipment maintenance programs that optimize life-cycle value, facility operating costs, and reliability while providing a comfortable, safe, and productive workspace for employees.


We follow a “Service Engineering and Mass Customization” approach which includes separate development phases and considers, for each phase, the most suitable tools for the development of new services and the adaptation of existing services. Our facility managers realize that the asset is just the beginning and we therefore embed ourselves within the client’s organization and integrate our services to the client’s long term and short term objectives.


Our SFM team works with you to explore all the vital elements of facilities management: from procurement, contracts and commercial elements, to regulatory compliance and users' expectations.